Thoughts on life and love

I don’t count my year by good or bad times. I just doesn’t make any sense to me. I can honestly say that my shitty vs. good days this past year were pretty even. Maybe, but does it really matter? So what? I had some really shitty times last year. I try not to look…

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I often crave the solace in the noise of the city streets Soulless No one knowing me No one caring Downtown Portland, Oregon As I walk I see faces all around me Many I see every day Most I’ll never see again It’s all the same I’m as invisible to them I like it that…

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The rain taps slowly and patiently on my window Dark clouds loom filling my heart Hiding the rainbow inside Left by her smile Alone again Too early to drink Too late to feel regret but there is no regret I’m in love Walking, the rain hits my face It’s like a thousand hands waking me…

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