I often crave the solace in the noise of the city streets


No one knowing me

No one caring


Portland, Oregon

As I walk I see faces all around me

Many I see every day

Most I’ll never see again

It’s all the same

I’m as invisible to them

I like it that way

My hood pulled over my head

Covering my face

No one to lie to

No one to lie to me

We all tell lies

Like I love you

It’s all the same

It is what it is

It’s human nature to crave contact

Even when we’ve been hurt



My skateboard meets the street and I’m off

I’m smiling

They can’t see me

Not the me that’s broken

Not the me that’s damaged

Not me

Not the me she left

Not the me she said loved

Her lies

All they see is a black blur as I sail by


The city streets hold solace for many people

It’s raining now

That’s ok because it’s also raining on the inside

It’s a symphony all in its own

My broken beating heart a drum that never plays

The rain hiding my tears

and the streets calming my thoughts

As I meet face after face in a sea of no one


Where I’ll never see you

and I’m more thankful for that then you know…


Twitter and Instagram: @tanisjustice