That Photo

Do you remember that day we were caught in the rain downtown? It seems like so long ago, we were so young. We had to duck into the doorway of an abandoned building. I had never wanted to kiss someone so badly in my life. I had never kissed anyone. Instead I reached for my…

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Coming to grips.

One of the hardest thins in my life was coming to grips that I might be an atheist. If you know my background then it’s easy to see why. I was deeply involved in the church. I was a minister, and a youth evangelist. I went on mission trips, and even worked as a Christian…

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I Create Me

I am responsible for my own destiny. I create my own reason for being. It’s easy to call upon God to suffer Your fears and your sins. It’s much harder to face your Fears alone. Standing in the Face of pain and heartache, We are alone. We find solace in the company Of other strangers….

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