Heaven on Earth

If I were a bird I couldn’t fly as high as I did yesterday


Next to you

I’ve walked with you before

Holding your hand

Watching your smile

I walked besides volumes of books

Next to priceless pieces of art

Holding your hand

Your smile the only thing capturing my eye

I imagine often what it’s like to love an angel

To fall under her wings

Knowing her love protects me

Protecting me from myself

Standing under the aqueduct alone

Pondering my life

Giving up

You descend gracefully

Consuming my body as a wound

and your body the bandage that heals it


Soaking back into reality I’m captured by your beauty

Our background stained with the wet city

Our landscape of adventure

Walking with you again

You take my hand and lead me through the rain

Past shadows of every soul I have ever met

Into a life and love

I had only ever dreamed

Because in your arms

In your smile

Kissing your lips

I have finally found

Heaven on earth

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