The Women’s March an act of Civil Disobedience

Women's March, Eugene, Oregon 2017 Women's March, March, injustice, equality, equal

The Women’s March an act of Civil Disobedience In response to slavery and the Mexican–American War Henry David Thoreau suggested that individuals should not permit governments to overrule or atrophy their consciences, and that they have a duty to avoid allowing such acquiescence to enable the government to make them the agents of injustice. He called this…

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Her happiness 

and then it struck me… As she was leaving for work, the day after Christmas, she didn’t stress through the holidays because she was angry or upset with anyone. She had an overwhelming need to make sure everyone else was happy at the expense of her own happiness and it made me love her more…

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All my heart is waisted on the dead and dreaming. What’s that leave me with? My sins and a feather in my hand, stolen from an angel who never showed up. Answered prayers or empty promises? Is there a difference? I can offer my soul and life as penitence, but not even the death accepts…

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The storm 

I’m a ship without a rutter No purpose in sight  No port to call home Praying to the gods of ocean tides to bring me home Home? A ship lost in the storm has no safe haven Not even in the strongest sailors survive the cold at the depths of the sea That coldness is…

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The wind howls like a wolf Far in the distance the storm calls The rain soaking the sidewalks like the tears of dark angels begging to return home My heart in your heart has its center The galaxy moving in circles The wolves are moving closer Aside a fire burning bright  I can see the…

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Midnight in Portland 

Maybe things are different today Things seem different tonight It’s midnight in Portland The city lights like fire in the sky You can almost see the fallen angels  Flying over head grasping at your prayers Trying to make them their own We all want forgiveness of some kind or another From someone Sometimes anyone  Here…

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Won’t you?

Tanis Justice, poet, photographer, writer, author

Looking up searching for answers I taste the tears of heaver The rain My pain It exists in my mind The stories I tell myself Leis I need to stop looking for answers outside Everything I need is inside I need to sit Silence Let my mind heal Learning to love You and myself all over…

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Is Love

5:20 AMTracy Chapman Overthinking  Baby can I hold you… My bed is so far away  The only real sounds in the house are the loud ceiling fan and the ice maker reminding me Again and again A fading picture  A coin never tossed An X on a map never discovered  The secrets we only share…

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