Wolves and Ravens

I stand like a scarecrow amid a field of dying dreams

Chasing away the nightmares circling like a murder of crows

Sent to peck the eyes from the newly fallen heros

As bleeding hearts pour to the open lips of the goddess

She turns her back ignoring her own blessings

Leaving her children to the vices of wolves and ravens

I stand frozen watching her fly away

Weeping love letters onto the canvas of flesh

That fall into a pile of discarded bones and feather

There is a sign in the distance that reads

“To Thy Own Self Be True”

But it falls only in the sight of the blind

While deaf ears only hear their own chatter

Whaling into the winds of change

Knowing they’ll never change anything

Because they refuse to change their own minds

Leaving their children to the vices of wolves and ravens

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