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We always have something brewing

It seems like I’m always on to a new project or a new idea. I’ll probably be finished with my year end goal of three more books, maybe, but I’m almost certain I’ll procrastinate a little too much. I look for my kids and Carrie to keep me motivated. Their input into my life and work is especially relevant to everything I do. I think a piece of all of them exists in everything I am. It could also be due to the fact that I’m an emotional roller coaster too. 

  • I have an ongoing project with Autism Skates (Please see our Autism and Charity page)
  • I am looking for an illustrator to work on a children’s book with another author. If you’re interested please contact me at:
  • We are starting production of a suicide prevention video in the fall of 2016. I’ll have a page set up for that soon as well as a link to the YouTube video. For information and participation please email me at:
  • I am always looking for other blogs to contribute to


A good life is lived with a smile and happy heart.

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