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My life is my work

What have people I’ve worked for said about me? Well, some things haven’t been so good. I’m far from perfect, BUT if you ask the people I’ve worked for then they have a lot of good things to say about me. Here are a few below.

Denise Brown, General Manager at Certa Seal

As accountant and general manager of Certa Seal, I am pleased to recommend Tanis Justice to you. Robert has been a key player in the operations at Certa Seal and has worked closely with me on many projects over the last several months that the company has been in business.
In the period that I have interacted with Tanis, he not only came across as a very professional competent person, but also a very friendly and compassionate co-worker. His contribution to the various projects has been exemplary. His dedication, hard-work, and sincerity have enabled him to be a quick-learner on the job. He has been more than willing to take on additional responsibility when the call of duty so warranted. More than once he has stepped in to help out ensuring that the project deadline was met and the job was a success.
I would fully and whole-heartedly recommend Tanis Justice to any company lucky enough to get him. I can honestly say that he would be a definite asset to your company.

Misty Newton

Tanis Robert Justice worked for me as a contractor back in 2012-2013. He was always punctual and had superior attendance. Tanis’s work was always completed on-time without fail. He was an overall stellar employee; there were never any issues or concerns in terms of his work ethic or his ability to ‘do the job right’ the first time. He went above and beyond to ensure excellent results at all times. Tanis would make a top notch addition to any team – I would most definitely recommend you give him a try for whatever project or job you may have for him!

Misty Newton, Recruiter
Madden Industrial Craftsmen, Inc.
11713 NE 99th ST, Suite 1020
Vancouver, WA 98682
360.260.8801 office
360.260.8281 fax

Ed Willoughby – Cincinnati, Ohio

Tanis Justice has been a valuable resource for my company. He has done the copy-write and set up of my company’s blog. He was quick, efficient, and very professional. His services have saved the company money and time both of which are valuable assets for any business. We will definitely be utilizing him for future projects. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of social media or web assistance.

Andy in Cincinnati (Most awesome guy in Ohio)

Tanis Justice seems alright to me.

Review by Andy Sofranko, the most awesome guy in the Eastgate Ohio area.  (You’re welcome)

Bonnie Leigh

Having known this guy roughly fifteen years; though personally and not professionally; I can offer some insight into the kind of person Tanis Justice is.

First and foremost, he is the most genuine man I know. Tanis has never been one to sugarcoat anything. You can, with explicit certainty, be assured his views and advice would be of the utmost honest and unbiased of them all. He doesn’t judge anyone based on their personal beliefs. While he may not agree with everyone, he does respect a person’s right to their opinion. He will not try to convince anyone that they are wrong in their views. Instead of focusing on the negative, he always looks for the positive in every situation. He is also a perfectionist. If there’s something that needs done, he will work tirelessly until it’s just right. I’ve never known him to rush through anything. Tanis is a great listener. He has been there for me as – well as others – without falter. I truly believe the world could use more people like him.
He isn’t without his flaws and he would be the first to admit that. Ask yourself, though. Who is?

Chris Ripley, Inventor and Owner of Certa Seal and Smart Permanent Coating

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Tanis Robert Justice. Tanis came to me over a year ago and had been my right-hand man since he was hired. There simply isn’t a task that I would not trust him to complete. These tasks ranged from taking piles of hundred dollar bills to the bank and returning with the deposit slip to going to Arizona to pick up a trailer for me. He excels in online sales and advertising. He is extremely versatile and has the ability to work hard day in and day out in his role as shop foreman for my company.
I unconditionally recommend Tanis and can say that without a doubt is been a sincere pleasure and honor working with him. Tanis is one of the 2500 or so people that I have hired over the years and he stands out as one of the best.

Kirbie (Veitenheimer) Martinez – Battle Ground, WA

Tanis is such an amazing photographer. He not only did my senior portraits, but years later my wedding photos as well and I could not be happier. He captured wonderful photos, as well as ensuring they were unique and personalized me. He managed to over any obstacles to ensure the pictures were just what I wanted, From working around our beautiful northwest rain at the beach, to patiently waiting for my horse to pose just right. I couldn’t be happier with the end result and look forward to booking future session for our family portraits!

kirbie collage

Vincent Hyde – Salem, OR

I hired Mr. Justice to do some research and SEO additions to my companies website. It took a few months, which is what he told me it would take, but we did see a significant upswing in our web traffic. He was kind even when I wasn’t and was very attentive to my needs.

Howard Jackson – Eugene, OR

Although I didn’t hire Tanis I was really impressed by his professionalism. He’s good natured and easy to work with. His designs and ideas were near ground breaking. We didn’t hire him because my nephew was given the project, but Tanis did help with advice and a lot of SEO tips. When we had some coding issues he read over the code and offered his advice getting us back on track. Even though we didn’t hire him he kept our project on track, and frankly he motivated us to put out a pretty damn good site. I was a fool not to hire him, because the project lasted 3 months longer than expect. Don’t be a fool and hire him!

For a look at my design and copy work please visit

I worked very closely with very closely with their gallery manager, Brent, in order to migrate their page to a new provider, giving the Elsinore Gallery page a new upbeat and exciting look. I worked with existing pages, copy, and images to transform them into a design befitting of such a great business. I provided photography, copy, design, coding, and tutoring to help produce this new elegant look on their WordPress site.

Priscilla Johnson Whiteside – reviewed – 5 star

This group is a very talented team of marketers and videographers. They’ve had some staff changes, and have only become a leaner, more efficient group. Their work is second to none. As a marketer myself, I appreciate their mastery of their craft. Their work is top notch. I highly recommned them!

Whitney Bartlett  

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