Who is Tanis Robert Justice?

I’m am many things. First off, and most important,  I am a father. I’m also a photographer, writer, poet, cook, foodie, and a blogger. I love ties and good friends. Writing and photography are my passion. I’ll spend the rest of my life pursuing my passion. I love art, art history, and museums because they feed my soul. I skate, I do yoga, yada yada…

I am not just one thing. I am many pieces of everything I do and everyone I meet and I write about them all. most of all and more than anything love and kindness are always the answer.


Being a hopeless romantic I always thought I wanted a relationship that made the Hemingway & Gellhorn romance look like a G rated movie. I had that, maybe a couple of times, but I feel my morose disposition makes me hard to relate to sometimes. I had a great love and lost her. Now I’m ready to find something with someone that is new and fresh, I’m just not going to look.  


A lifetime of dreams, almost

As a result of over thirty years of my love of photography, and probably my inner geek, I have collected memories in the form of outdated equipment. I shoot with a variety of both film (SLR and medium format) and digital (DSLR) cameras. I work on and design for a variety of projects including but not limited to video, editing, and product and food reviews. I write for a variety of family/neighborhood magazines as well as contribute to several other blogs. Most of my time is spent in Portland, OR.


I exclusively ride Sector 9 longboards with Sector 9 wheels.

My deck of choice to ride an 8.5″, currently an Element but also use a 9″ Z-flex deck.

 Independent trucks with Bones wheels and Bones bearings is the only way I roll.


What’s next?

It seems like I’m always on to a new project or a new idea. I’ll probably be finished with my year end goal of three more books, maybe, but I’m almost certain I’ll procrastinate a little too much. I look for my kids and Carrie to keep me motivated. Their input into my life and work is especially relevant to everything I do. I think a piece of all of them exists in everything I am. It could also be due to the fact that I’m an emotional roller coaster too. 


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