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101 Days: In no particular order

Love, drugs and other lies

The Poetry and Photography


Tanis Robert Justice

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101 Days: In No particular Order

Love, drugs, and other lies

Selected Poetry and Photography

by Tanis Robert Justice

101 Days: In No Particular Order

Life in my light

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What are people saying about 101 Days: In no particular order?

  • “Wonderfully written… what a beautiful inspiration to my soul!”
  • “The photos are astonishingly beautiful. Every poem and journal entry show the writers emotion and makes you feel it to. Such a beautifully written, inspired and wonderful collection. Every lover of literature should read this!”
  • “This is a beautiful read, all-around. I would highly recommend.”
  • Beyond expectations! His words take you on a journey through his life, good and bad, light and dark, vividly painting beautiful pictures taking you along the way. If you read to go on an adventure this is for you, a new one on each page.


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