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I’ve spent the past 30 years of my life developing a style that is unique to my perspective of the world. Life…

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Think less. Live more.

I’m the poster boy for squandered potential so… I skate. A lot actually. Probably more than I work. I’ll…

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We always have something brewing

It seems like I’m always on to a new project or a new idea. I’ll probably be…

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 Who is Tanis?

I am a photographer, author, and poet. I’m a survivor. Being a hopeless romantic I always thought I wanted a relationship that made the Hemingway & Gellhorn romance look like a G rated movie. The truth is, when I did fall in love it was so much more than an idea. It became a foundation that drove me to insane amounts of creativity and passion.

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latest from the blog

Posted By tanisjustice  Posted On 04-Sep-2017

Win a free skateboard!

Includes: The Uprise deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip.


  1. Go follow the new Sleeping Hooligan Twitter account: @sleepnhooligan
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  3. Follow the new YouTube page:

Once we get 111…

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Posted By tanisjustice  Posted On 30-Jul-2017

Don’t forget what makes you unique. As you’re getting lost along the way remember the people you meet, and cherish the memories you make. Stand out. Stay happy, even when everything is falling apart, smile. Someone is watching, and relies on your strength to find their own. Turn rejection…

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Posted By tanisjustice  Posted On 21-Jul-2017

The times we live in seem so unsure. It's easy to lose hope. I remember growing up in the Reagan era, and the fear that swept the nation over nuclear was minimal but was there none the less. It wasn't even a new fear. It was revisited from the…

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