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I was first contacted by ROBO TACO via my Twitter account @tanisjustice. They cleverly used the bait and switch technique to ask a simple question: Twitter

The conversation turned to them asking me to come try their vegan tacos. I was out of town but was very interested. I get contacted by people through my Twitter account all the time. I respond to everyone but I don’t always get the opportunity to visit them. I had just left a meeting with an editor and as luck would have it I was pretty close to ROBO TACO so I thought “What the hell? I’ll give it a shot”


Located at 607 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214 ROBO TACO offers a wide variety of Mexican style delights. The menu includes both meat and vegan friendly foods. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s located next to Lady Luck Tattoo and I don’t mind saying that this is my kind of place. Mexican food and a tattoo shop? Come on! How awesome is that? Anyway, the taco shop itself reminds me of everything that a good taco shop should offer. It was dark and a little dirty looking. It was far from a dirty place though. I was really happy with the store setup and the staff was fun and friendly. They were playing a selection of the best pop from the 80’s and said nothing when I started dancing. The staff let me come behind the counter and have a look inside the kitchen.

I tried one of the faux pork and one of the spicy veggie sausage tacos. They were both killer! They were much bigger than I was expecting with loads of filling. The ingredients were fresh and the meat substitute was so well flavored that it would fool the most carnivorous of meat eaters.  I topped it off with a beer and was pleasantly surprised when I only paid around $8 (that included the tip). It was a very family friendly place. Despite the music and being located next to the street it was a pretty chill atmosphere inside. I plan on taking my entire family in for a visit.

The only downside I found was parking. I got really lucky but just to be safe if I were you I’d look for parking first. You’ll need to be close. After you eat you’ll need to be carried to your car the food is so good.

Over all I’d give them a 5/5 because I wasn’t going to knock points off for parking. Go check them out. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

Thanks for reading!

ROBO TACO can be found at:

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  • Address: 607 SE Morrison St Portland, OR
  • Phone: (503) 232-3707
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