This Gypsy Life

The pain that I bury deep inside burns

Sometimes I feel like my soul is living Hell just living in my flesh

I’m finally coming home

This road I’ve walked, that I’ve been walking is where I’m meant to be

but fuck it’s hard sometimes

I’ve slept on concrete floors, broken bread with strangers, and set sail in a sailboat by the sea

What sweet dreams

In this little boys dreams

This wasn’t the road I planned on

Not this journey

but here I am

I am here

It’s tattooed on me for the world to see

X marked the spot

That’s where she found me

Then I placed my X on her heart

She doesn’t care that I’m ragged and torn

She waves my love like a flag

She proclaims me as her port of safe harbor

Now this road, this gypsy life, seems to have just started

It still can’t take me home

but I’m heading there soon


Soon enough anyway…