One day Like a shooting star An arrow struck me in the heart and I woke up Deep from a slumber where my soul had been resting my eyes were finally open I could see her heart Her eyes told me everything  Cold and alone We are left more broken than we are found That’s…

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The wind howls like a wolf Far in the distance the storm calls The rain soaking the sidewalks like the tears of dark angels begging to return home My heart in your heart has its center The galaxy moving in circles The wolves are moving closer Aside a fire burning bright  I can see the…

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Won’t you?

Tanis Justice, poet, photographer, writer, author

Looking up searching for answers I taste the tears of heaver The rain My pain It exists in my mind The stories I tell myself Leis I need to stop looking for answers outside Everything I need is inside I need to sit Silence Let my mind heal Learning to love You and myself all over…

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Is Love

5:20 AMTracy Chapman Overthinking  Baby can I hold you… My bed is so far away  The only real sounds in the house are the loud ceiling fan and the ice maker reminding me Again and again A fading picture  A coin never tossed An X on a map never discovered  The secrets we only share…

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The silence of falling snow

Sunday morning Sitting at the edge of my bed Hands fold in my lap and then covering my eyes  Like the rain outside my tears fall into my lap  On to my notebook Smudging my words like twisted memories I want to understand I want to see things through your eyes but you won’t tell…

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As I so unlovable? My longing for you dances on my lips Reaching to touch you Wishing you would touch me Knowing you’ll never really want me My soul reaches for pieces of my heart  My heart reaches for you You won’t reach out to me All I’m left with is desire  My heart falls …

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10 Tips for the Autistic Teen


Growing up with autism I have a lifetime of mishaps and mistakes that I wouldn’t want anyone growing up with autism to make. Now that I have a teen with autism I find that I watch him and see myself in so much he does. He’s obsessed with skateboarding and the skateboarding industry. When he…

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Dashboard Confessions 

Tonight is one of those nights Like an old black and white movie Hazy and dark Forgotten to all except a few Every light along the highway has its own story to tell and every traffic light exudes a new emotion Across the airwaves U2 lulls my hearts thoughts  I know I’ve given myself away…

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I’m giving up on an image Of me Of you Of us Of everything I thought was real Of everything I thought was love I see the world now Deep and dark Nothing new to offer Except pain  Except… I don’t accept that I don’t accept that my expectations are wrong Deceived  Even though I’m…

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