One blood

The street is lined in candles and stained in blood

Brothers killing brothers

Cops killing and being killed

Our souls are stained 

We are all paying for the sins of the past

Fingerprints on our soul

Hands from the past holding us back

We feel comfortable blaming it on guns or race 

The only privilege we should celebrate is that we are all alive and well

That same blood that is staining the street is the blood that stains our souls

Brother killing brother

We all bleed the same blood

Red is the color that flows from our veins

Red is also the color of our pain and our rage

Before you spring into action or preach about another mans death

Look into your own heart and make sure it’s dept free

What’s your part in this?

Where do you stand?

If you think killing another man for another man is where your heart is you should consider your place in the plan

Be it Christ, Buddha or Muhammad they all taught us to love

Not to follow the paths of violence and the streets stained in blood

It’s easy to give into hate when a man kills a man

Another white cop killing another black man

Before you pull out your gun

Before you take to the streets 

Remember the actions of those men who wore sheets

Are you really any better?

Can you really think it’s right?

Killing an innocent man with no dog in the fight?

Take a long deep breath

Take a minute to breathe

Think of our children watching and what we will teach

Take to the streets but don’t take your gun

Let’s all stand together until understanding has won

We all walk on the same hollowed ground

Bob Marley is one of the great profits of our times

He said “One love, one heart. Let’s get together and feel all right.”

We are one blood