Feeding the Clown

I grow tired of holding my tongue and gritting my teeth

Forced to be the bigger man while they lie and they cheat

Sticking to the script while they skip all the scenes

Using children as weapons because they fail with their dreams

It’s a shame you use the little man to hold against your defeat

It’s a shame you use the little man to spread your hate and deceit

You poison his heart for someone who wants him to succeed

Someone who really loves him and you’re jealousy gleams

You give him everything you wanted when you were a kid

but don’t teach him a damn thing about being a man

What do you know about being a man?

It all comes to light with your limp wrist and handshake

You pout and you whine about all that you lost

but don’t man up and face your fault in all of it

Stop abusing your power as a parent and become a father

Stop encouraging this hate and let love bloom like a flower

I’m not calling you out

I’m not trying to beef

We all know where that goes and who really suffers defeat

Be a true man instead

A real kind loving father

Let’s all build a kind loving child

Make him more like his mother

I now you’ll cry on the lawn and you’ll bitch on the phone

Try giving into some love and stop dwelling in hate

I can say so much more but it falls on deaf ears

You don’t hear anyone unless you’re listening to cheers

They’re all in your head

The voices lying out loud

They don’t even like you because you act like a clown

They should stop feeding you