Midnight in Portland 

Maybe things are different today

Things seem different tonight

It’s midnight in Portland

The city lights like fire in the sky

You can almost see the fallen angels 

Flying over head grasping at your prayers

Trying to make them their own

We all want forgiveness of some kind or another

From someone

Sometimes anyone 

Here it is again

Midnight in Portland

Like so many other people I stagger from one meaningless hole to another

Another lost soul begging for light

The light I’ve never had

In my eyes

As the rain humbly falls it’s soft touch reminds me of…

I guess that doesn’t matter today


Maybe things will feel different tomorrow 

My beer soaked whiskey smile following the lights like falling stars

What is there to lose tonight anyway?

That blonde haired girl the soft light lit up like Venus still on my mind  

Yet, I’m still alone standing in the rain

But that’s how it goes when she’d rather be alone

Or with someone else

Anyone else 

I’ll be fine

I’ll find my way home

Right now everything is as it should be

Dark and alone

It’s midnight in Portland