Won’t you?

Looking up searching for answers

I taste the tears of heaver

The rain

My pain

It exists in my mind

The stories I tell myself


I need to stop looking for answers outside

Everything I need is inside

I need to sit


Let my mind heal

Learning to love

You and myself all over again

Sometimes I feel it’s a shot in the dark


Moving away from the words you’ve said

You blame me and I blame you

Those scenarios we’ve created in our heads are killing us

I know they’re killing me

I’m alive

Maybe for the first time

Even though I’ve been awake

I’ve been afraid to live

It all haunts me sometimes

You can show a perfect stranger more love than you can show me

I’m a stranger to you most of the time

Because I don’t follow the flow you’ve set the rhythm

In your own head

Why can’t our demons play well together

They would if we could get them out

I want to be higher

High on you

I guess that won’t happen until we both let the bullshit go

and really learn to love

Each other

Like our souls longing to connect

I’m begging you to let me in

Until you tear down the walls I can’t

Love should be easy

Lovers shouldn’t beg to be loved

It’s amazing what a simple touch can do to a man’s heart

I’d rather fly through the sky than walk with the dead

Won’t you fly with me?

Won’t you touch me?

Won’t you let me touch you?

Won’t you?