The Morning (A Short Story)

Soft and quiet the rain taps the window slowly like a child waking us. You stand, walk to the mirror, and then turn smiling at me. You shyly make your way over to my side of the bed, sit next to me, and clear your throat. I smile. I know that you often have trouble expressing how you feel. As you sigh forming the words to speak I notice your back arches slightly. Your head tilts forward, and just as the words come to you our tiny dog barks. The air stands still for several seconds until she stops barking. You look over to me with intent. I see your lip quiver so I reach to take your hand. Instead of speaking you climb into lap curling into a ball. Not sure what’s wrong I just wrap my arms around you, and kiss your head. Our tiny dog jealous for attention joins you on my lap. I just smile. Both of my girls seem to need me at the moment. I’d move mountains for you, and fight the demons that emerged preying on your soul.

As I kiss your head again you rise kissing my lips. “Talk to me.” I say. Your blue eyes meet mine, and I find myself enchanted. I run my hand through your golden hair, and you put your hand on my chest. “I’m afraid.” you say. “I’m afraid I’ll never be able to reach you like you do me” I smile and shake my head. I know that nothing I say will reassure you. I pull you in and kiss your forehead. “You do, my love. You do. That smile. When you smile I fall in love with you over and over, every time.” I say. “My day is made the moment I wake next to you knowing I’m in your heart.” You look up to meet my gaze. I have tears in my eyes. You wipe them away, and then pull close to my chest again. “I’d pay for every sin I’d ever committed if I knew I could wake up next to you for an eternity.” I tell you. I can feel your breathe on my neck. I know you’re looking up. I know you know I mean it. “Ok” is all you say. “I know. I believe you.” you add.

After several minutes you ask if I’m ready for coffee. I shake my head, and ask if we can just sit like this a while longer. You answer by snuggling closer. Our tiny dog however has other plans. She moves quickly to the bedroom door, and informs us that she needs to go outside. “I’ll make the coffee, you let the princess out?” I say. You smile and agree. As I make the coffee I see you standing in the light by the back door. Even with the rain there is enough light coming in to make you glow like a new star. I admire the way you watch outside smiling, and following the dog with your eyes as she chases raindrops. Standing with your hands near your heart like you’re praying. I wonder to myself how you wouldn’t know that you reach me. Your smile, the way you look at me, touch me, I know. I do.

I hand you your coffee. I sit on the couch, and you climb back into my lap. We don’t talk much in the morning. I could talk enough to entertain an entire church congregation, but you enjoy a little silence in the morning. I’m more than happy to let you have it too. All I need is right here. I have coffee, the greatest woman in the world loves me, and a tiny dog chasing raindrops entertains me. Even with the rain we might take a walk in the park today. It’s Sunday morning, so who knows where the day will take us.