Angels Dark Falling 

Silence sounds like a trumpet between us as you walk away

Like angels dark falling from heaven begging for forgiveness 
Leading its own marching band of tattered broken souls into a burning eternity 
I feel my heart reaching for you while the wind carries me far away
You disappeared under the blue skies we once walked awake 
Inside of blue eyes that held me closely captivated under a spell of love
Leading me into the direction of angels dark and falling begging you to stay
My heart pierced with blinding light taking me away spreading roots with new desire
Waves of kindness washing over me like an ocean of joy I am found by the golden angel
Afloat in my sailboat by the sea left for dead alone and broken
My wings mended by her care while I wake to a new light reaching for stars
Catching falling stars and placing them back into glorious orbit fading in my light
I am met with the reality that what I thought and believed of love was false
Finding true love in eyes and beautiful smiles walking next to her by the ocean
Newport falling into memory as her hand touches mine under a bright sun and ocean mist
and the memories of angels dark falling from heaven fade from my mind as she kisses me