The day before…

It was late in the afternoon, and the fog was still settling over the coast like a blanket tightly tucked around us. The wind was blowing softly through the tall grass, and we walked just close enough to speak softly to one another. Even though we weren’t talking our souls seemed to always carry on a conversation that the rest of the world read like an open book. As we sat amid the tall grass we could hear the ocean through the fog bank whispering memories as the waves crashed into the tide pools. I took her hand into mine, and we lay back waiting for the sun to break.
After several minutes of silence she rose slowly, and placed her head on my chest. Her soft kisses moved slowly to my neck, and then to my waiting lips. I could taste the sea salt brushed on her lips, and it made me want her more. I wrapped my arms around her, and she slid her arm under my head pulling it closer. At that moment the only thing alive were the two of us. All the sounds of nature singing around us ceased, and we were alone floating in that negative space that exists right before a star is thrust into existence. We lived in each vivid moment like rebel stars shining across the universe each times our lips met.
With each moment our eyes met gazing into one another our love was reborn. It gave life to every dream, and fantasy we could ever believe in. All of our hopes and dreams were coming true as we slowly became one next to the great Pacific Ocean. All the memories of past hurt and pain slowly drained away and were carried away by the waves cleansing our souls, our past giving way to a future of endless possibilities. Moments turned into hours as we spanned every inch of the blanket we shared in the tall grass next to the ocean under our own blanket of fog.
As the sun peaked through the cloud in the late afternoon we gazed into one another once again. With the fog breaking away we could see the surf rising and falling. Our senses returning we could hear the waves crashing again and we could hear the wind blowing through tall grass that we sat surrounded by. In the distance we could hear the sounds of life emerging. We just stayed there with her head on my chest. We had become one with the ocean, and become one with each other.
I couldn’t help to think that it’s only Saturday…1404019335267