Nothing else matters

Knee deep in waters as could as dying angels

I hold you deep in my soul like the roots of ancient trees

Buried alive in the earth

Your heart appears like mine 

Open and afraid

but where is that passion you bragged so much about

so long ago


On a beach populated only by myself and the fading lost souls of hope I stand


Looking out

Holding onto a photo of someone I thought you were

Holding onto beliefs of who I thought I was

Regretting my overthinking 

Rethinking my walking into this freezing ocean

When I thought it was warm

Like your touch 


A fire is burning in the distance

I can feel the breeze and I can hear it’s voice

Your voice


Leading me out of the water and away from those lost dying souls

Into the fire of your love…
By morning this will all seem like a dream
Nothing else matters.