#memories #tbt


In my past I was guilty of collecting things rather than memories. I’ve travelled to some incredible places, I’ve met some incredible people, and done some pretty interesting things. The one thing I needed more of were memories like the one in the image. My boys and I out on an adventure. 
The amazing this is, with all over lost, and of all the people I’ve watched the sun in my life set on I’ve gained a few new people to make this next journey of my life with. 
Carrie and her children have added to the richness of our lives. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, best friend, and lover. She’s like no other woman I’ve ever known. The love that she gives to my boys and me is pretty phenomenal. The love I have for her and her children is mirrored in that same way. Much like the sunset over the sand it spreads and our love grows.
We’ve stopped collecting things. We’ve been collecting memories.