My faith in you, and your words doesn’t exist

You call me friend, and treat me like a fool

Your heart is as dark as 3 AM on a night when there isn’t a moon, roaming the darkest room of a  house, lying on the floor in the back of the filthiest closet, and hiding under a pile of the shit you tell everyone that you don’t even fucking believe yourself

It’s funny, in a twisted way, how you think you have everyone fooled

Plotting to waste there time to put a penny in your own pocket

It’s shameful and discussing 

It’s only sad you don’t see it

Maybe you do, and just care that fucking little for other people

Maybe that’s why you escape into your own vices

Exchanging one for the other to dull the pain

It’s too bad you can’t dull the pain of the people you fuck over

Maybe dull it a little more with one of the bullets you leave on the floor

You feel so sorry for yourself, but not for what you’ve done

Arguing in circles until people give in

Blowing up when they don’t 

The problem isn’t yes or no

The problem is you

You’re fucked up

Deal with it

Make amends to the people you leave in the wake of your forked tongue 

Maybe you’d sleep at night if you did