Our Wine

I watch as you slowly brush your lips with your tongue removing what was left of the red wine
I envy every sip you take from your glass
Watching your eyes catch fire, and losing my senses wondering when my flesh would feel yours pressed against it
Soft and delicate
Like a dream caught in that moment right before waking
Like sand falling softly through the hourglass I wait patiently
Burning every second are my desires like fires on the plains of Africa
Begging for your love like rains quenching my thirst
Yet feeding that fire
The fragrance of our wine lingering in the air like an angel beckoning me to taste your lips
How I need to
How I want 
So far away
Sitting next to me
Looking into my eyes
Looking into yours
Peering over your glass smiling
That smile
Like a hurricane circling my thoughts
Teasing me
Begging me
Asking me to kiss you
Your blue eyes
Following me as I slowly move towards you
Warm and welcoming
Your lips
The taste of the red wine we share 
That kiss I’ve waited all night to taste
Lingering like heaven in my thoughts
Like the birth of a new soul
Written on the pages of my memory
Read by your body as we touch