Like a Daydream Ocean of Desire

Across the field I watch the fog setting in

As the sun sets in a magical haze of red

Much like our hearts dancing in a field of daisies 

As I look deep into th blue eyes that found me


I see the photo of you hanging from the pin on my wall

Your smile echoing a thousand times I love you

Reaching for me across the great divide 

Only wanting to feel my flesh as close as the ocean to the sand


In the distance I hear the slow cadence of your hearts desire

Like a marching band it plays loud and certain 

Waking me in the afternoon from dreams of memories lost

As I wait so patient for your voice to follow with the three words your smile carries


I love you doesn’t describe 

I want you doesn’t know the feeling

Needing you as close as my own soul

Gathering the flowers of your heart with my tongue 

Waiting for the few seconds we’re alone so I can swim in a our love like a daydream ocean of desire