Toujours je vais vous aime she said in her French Canadian accent as she sauntered away
Her softly spoken words played softly like music dancing through the lonely corridors of my mind
Subtle and assuring 
She didn’t look back
She didn’t hesitate or fumble for words
She spoke deliberate and direct
All I could see were faint memories 
Forbidden and forgotten yesterdays 
Our last embrace 
The wind blowing the curtains softly back and forth
Like her words
Gentle rain falling on the tin roof
Our passion deep 
Leaving friendship behind as we fucked hard and fell harder
Her words
Softly playing like music
Through the corridors of my memory 
I pondered intently how differently it would have been if we ever really tried to be anymore than nothing 
But there is no going back
You can’t return to nowhere 
You can only daydream there