I want to walk outside

Walk deep into the ocean

and keep walking

Riding the waves falling heavy into the tides

Just like I fell in love with you

Humming tunes that seagulls understand while wearing my heart like an albatross 

Fully on my sleeve

Broken or not

The pieces creating a wrinkled map

The same map we followed to the ocean

The place where we fell in love

I’ve always loved you for who you are

I wish you could love me for who I am

I don’t want to change me

Except I do

and I do every day

I walk deep into the ocean

and I keep walking 

Following a ghost

Holding on to that shadow

That shadow I was yesterday

It looks like I have changed


Following the waves of that infinite ocean

That ocean that tosses me around in my head

Holding me under water

As I surf over the remains of who I am

and become the me you think I should be