Sunday Morning (18+)

She walks slowly away dragging her finger across the satin sheets of our bed. This is not our typical Sunday morning. Our Sunday is usually filled with countless chores that generally keep us from spending the day basking in our love. Today though we were graced with the pleasure of one another’s company, and it was a day we had been waiting for.

I could smell the fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen. She always makes the best coffee. We take our coffee the same way, black with a little half and half. I guess it’s not black when you add cream, but I’ve always found that life is always better with a little cream. She was my cream. She makes life better. We don’t talk much during morning coffee except perhaps slight giggles over the previous evening’s events. I always look longingly at her as she sips her coffee. She gets self-conscious when I do, and I can tell it makes her uncomfortable. I can’t seem to help myself. Her lips, soft and sweet, pressed up against the cup. I find myself envious of every sip, wishing my lips were just as lucky as her cup every second of our time together.

We make small talk of our day, and decide to go for a walk. As we get dressed I find myself looking at the sheets of our bed. Why are we going out when we could just stay in and make love? I don’t say anything, but I suspect she can read my mind, she usually can, but she just smiles. We walk along the sidewalk outside our flat, and I find my thoughts drifting back to those soft silk sheets. I imagine her soft skin, and my lips kissing every inch of it. I imagine the smell of her blonde hair, and the scent her body leaves on our sheets. She reaches over taking my hand. She asks what I’m thinking about, and I just smile. She smiles back, because she knows. Her thoughts keep flowing back to our sheets as well.

We keep walking though.

The rain moves from its light drizzle to a more gallant soaking of our bodies. We laugh as we run to one of the covered areas in the park. We know this park well. We also know that this covered area is slightly hidden from sight. The average passerby wouldn’t notice it. We know this well. This picnic table has hosted several night time romps when we would venture out looking for a little excitement. One such time we lost our door keys, and spent the night here making love. We found our keys the next morning after being awaken half naked by an elderly gentleman walking his dog. The keys were in my pocket all along.

The rain starts to come down hard. When the rains really start in Portland it can rain hard for hours and we are alone. I push her up against one of the poles under the covered area and kiss her hard. She slowly moves her hands up my back and pulls me closer. Our bodies are slightly trembling from the cold, but we find ourselves moving closer to the picnic table. In one move I lift her to the table as she starts to unbuckle my belt. She pulls me closer, and quietly says “Take me”. I find myself on my knees in front of her as she lies back on the hard wooden table. I don’t waste time, and quickly remove her yoga pants and pink lace thong. I wonder to myself if perhaps she planned this, and the thought excites me even more. She was always game for spontaneous sex. I walk my lips up her legs and kiss her inner thighs. As my tongue brings her to a joyous fountain of moans I stand, and finish removing my pants. Everything around us becomes a blur. We forget that we’re in a public place. We forget that it’s raining, and the reality of it being so cold has been lost to us. As I enter into her I slowly move my hands to her now expose breasts, and lightly pinch her left nipple. We make love amidst the rain, wind, and cold.

We move slowly at first, and I then faster generating our own heat.

As time passes we find ourselves in harmony whispering our love through moans and gasps of air. Looking into each other’s eyes we watch time stand still throughout the world, we have only thoughts of each other. Our motions of back and forth causes the table to shake violently, as she quivers, and drives her fingernails into my upper thighs. As the rain starts to soften we both find ourselves finishing together discovering a Zen moment as we cum with the sound of raindrops and wind. I lean in to kiss her again, and in the distance we hear a dog bark. We laugh because we know this means people are coming back into the park. We fumble getting dressed, watching each other, and then walk slowly back to our flat. This time holding each other around the waist sharing several light kisses.

Entering the flat I find that my thoughts of our silk sheets have left. We rediscover the blessing of the coffee she’s brewed, and she rests on my lap into our favorite big chair. We often sit here for hours, her on my lap, chatting. Today, this Sunday we’ve been lucky enough to share, will be no different. As she rests her head on my shoulder she kisses my neck. “I love you” she says. I smile and tell her that I love her too. In my heart I can find no other woman more perfect in her imperfections. No other woman could be more perfect to me. No other woman could I ever love as deep. I rest every night knowing she feels the same for me.

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