Why should I?

Confusion swirls in me like cesspools 

Blocking the natural flow of me

Not letting me be

Looking deep inside for somewhere I belong

Do I belong here?

Why can’t I get lost inside the comfort of my own soul

There is no rest…                for the wicked

Thanks Ozzy

Fuck you

I’m not wicked

Not in the conventional sense 

Im not usually the kind to feel insecure

But we are talking about my life

The rest of my life

It’s a long winding road with so many turns ahead

I just wanna have fun

There are ants on the counter carrying away pieces of my heart

Collecting them

Serving them over to a queen who could care less that they were slaves

At least my queen wants to see me happy

Even on these days when I’m conflicted her love shines

I need to see the ocean soon

I need to let all this go on the waves

Like the waves

My soul is like the waves crashing on the beach

Letting go of all that troubles me as I flow on good vibes from the Universe

I’ll feel better tomorrow

I always forget what troubles me

There is a single ant on a leaf of the bambo plant

Do you think he gives care that he’s standing on the edge?

Why should I?