I hope you never…

I hope you never doubt the truth of us

Spinning in circles in love

Dumb to possibilities unknown to everyone

Hanging from chandlers swinging

Overjoyed in the frame captured on the lens of fate

Dancing to music that only we hear

Next to the ocean

On the beach

Wind blowing

Holding my hand

Kissing my lips

Hanging on your every word 

Wishes gathered by children tossing coins in a well

Never taking them back

Knowing they come true

I hope you believe 

As I believe 

I hope you never lose faith in me

In us

Carried away by a black winged bird

My heart rests in your hands

As I hold the key to yours in closed hands

Under a pale moon swaying to starlight 

Kissing your sweet lips

Dancing to music only we hear 

and the Universe plays

Looking into eyes open wide

Fixed on my eyes

Open to possibilities unknown by everyone

Except Us

I hope you never stop dancing

With me

In my heart