I’m just an old fat white dude. What do I know about the Black Lives Matter movement? What do I know about being black and being persecuted for the color of my skin? Well, to be honest not much, but I know more than you might think. I’m a skater and it seems cops hate…

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Watch Me

Watch me stand and smile as you scream and yell Watch my eyes as they look at you with kindness and love Watch my head shake as your voice quakes Watch me You hide behind people throwing shade Another prick with no balls You lost something precious You are corroded by failure and envy and…

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You stood there in the middle of the street Your breath frozen rising like a puff of cigarette smoke Slowly fading into nothing With the silence and patience of a statue   A form of goddess giving birth to dreams and whimsical fascinations  I can feel my heart beating  Faster than the sounds of fleeing…

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