Understanding This Isn't A Dream

I’ve watched fragments of my heart fall like shooting stars Streaking across the horizon as I fall asleep alone under a moonless sky Waking in your arms next to crashing ocean waves my heart has found its home The great Pacific cleansing my path as your healing hands reassemble the pieces  Like seashells we’ve collected…

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Awake on Sullivan Street

I was abruptly awaken from a heavy sleep Out of my slumber passed dreams like a passing train As I dreamed I was back on Sullivan Street Walking creek side with Jimmy Sitting in the library with Ed Raising Hell in Sunday school Bruising our kness  As well as our hearts ~ The phone ringing…

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The Dream is Over

Somewhere half way between a dream and a memory I waited for her Grasping at thoughts of redemption She begs me not to remember but it’s something I’m unable to forget Maybe I’m just unwilling Forgiveness is a journey I don’t travel well Placing my thoughts into my hands Believing the dream to be a…

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