Awake on Sullivan Street

I was abruptly awaken from a heavy sleep

Out of my slumber passed dreams like a passing train

As I dreamed I was back on Sullivan Street

Walking creek side with Jimmy

Sitting in the library with Ed

Raising Hell in Sunday school

Bruising our kness 

As well as our hearts


The phone ringing as I see you across the sparkling lake

Your voice

That smile

Your voice

Trembling as you speak softly

Hard days

Yet harder nights


Reaching only to find empty sheets


We were kings


Young and free with our big red hearts on our chests

Oh, how Ed and Loney laughed


Dead and gone

Falling on deaf ears 

The ringing phone waking me as I walked alone

On Sullivan Street


Tim and Matt are playing soccer

While little Jenny plays with dolls

As I play alone

Falling on my knees


Begging God with empty promises 

Crocodile tears from a cold prison cell floor

Wishing I was holding you

But you aren’t here


Falling back into odd patterns 

Of sleep

Walking in streets while lights pass like trains

Looking for Jimmy

Waiting for our mother lost at the county fair

Sun burned and tired 

Falling back to sleep

Wondering where I am


Where you are

Wondering why we aren’t together