Understanding This Isn't A Dream

I’ve watched fragments of my heart fall like shooting stars

Streaking across the horizon as I fall asleep alone under a moonless sky

Waking in your arms next to crashing ocean waves my heart has found its home

The great Pacific cleansing my path as your healing hands reassemble the pieces 

Like seashells we’ve collected walking together along the beach


As night approaches I fear of this dream ending

Building a fire in sands with gathered wood as the fires of passion burn in our hearts

Spreading a blanket covering sand we lay quiet but not still

The fog horn in the distance shouts a long warning call to ships off shores

As we make love on our blanket under a blanket of stars


As I awake from a deep sleep

Dry mouth from salt air

Naked next to an ocean of crashing waves

You reach over taking my hand

And I smile understand that this isn’t a dream