Sometimes I Forget 

I often forget myself 
Lost in thought
Sometimes I forget about all the bullshit we’ve gone through to get here
I still lose my breath when I see you
Every fucking time
My blood rushes to my head
My heart pounds
I forget about all those fucked up shit my inner demons tell me
When I see your face
You make me remember who I am when I’m with you
Not the villain I see in myself when I’m alone
Sometimes I forget myself and let go
I stand arms flying in the wind spinning in circles
All fear is gone 
When I see your eyes
Your smile
It all goes away
and sometimes I forget
I once again dance to my inner music
Often seeing glimpses of light from your soul
The lighthouse pulling me from the jagged rocks and galling calls of the unforgiving waves
When you reach out and touch my hand
Sometimes I forget
I forget why I started sinking and sail again