Out of Eden

I look for answers everywhere
I see the faces of the uncaring

They always have answers for unasked questions

The tragedy comes from the distance between our heart and head
It’s the difference from picking from the tree of knowledge or choosing to be ignorant in the bliss of not knowing

There are some things I’d rather not know

I walked next to an angel
An angel who didn’t see she was Devine

Lost and broken since her own fall from heaven

There was always something painful in her eyes
Somehow she punished herself every time she smiled

It’s a smile that sets so many hearts on fire

I would have happily walked in the bliss of ignorance
But she offered me a fruit from the tree of knowledge

I woke up in a reality all to familiar to my life

My angel took my hand and we walked quietly
A path I hadn’t seen before but knew all the same

It was seasoned with darkness and painful memories

She kissed me soft and it hung to my lips like the morning dew
Then she pushed me away to cry

She was always pushing me away

There was no time for me
No time for what could have been

Then she led me out of Eden