I woke up with new eyes today
The same blue eyes have sat on opposites sides of my nose from birth

But when I woke up I seen the world differently

I walked in such painful strides before
Overlooking signs and appocoliptic visions of an end so near

Yet I ran so far from myself to hide

This Wednesday was no different from any other Wednesday
I woke up, I had coffee, and I read

But something changed when I though about the world around me and the people I loved

And the people who love me

Moving forward is often in the feat of gods
Normal men are rarely forced to trash against the moving streams of the universe

Yet here I am, struggling against my own thoughts and my own heart

There were one set of footprints in the sand
When I turned to ask why I was the only one standing there

In the end we are all alone

It’s the time I between birth and death that we discover
Finding pieces of ourselves and who we are

By the people we meet and the people we love

I am who I am because of the people I’ve met on my journey
We all are, and we are all part of one another


Lessons are often hard learned
The teachers of these lessons are often those we hold dearest

Hold everyone dear and love all

In the end your heart will break
In the end everyone will leave you

But until that end believe that love is all around you

Even in signs and appocoliptic visions