A Motherless Child

She didn’t come from the streets

She was born free in the desert heat

A motherless child

She stands close to an edge unseen by most

I see it

I see you

She gives herself away time after time

Looking for something real

Looking for love

Looking for…


She falls apart

She crawls home

She doesn’t think anyone cares

She doesn’t think anyone understands

I care

Give me the chance to understand

She walks like a phantom from day to day

Praying it ends

It doesn’t end

Nothing started ever really ends

Broken and afraid

She feels she’s beyond repair

Too damaged to find lov…


It’s hard to see when your eyes are cold and sad

Streaming black with mascara

Her knees buckle

“When will someone pick me up?” she asks herself screaming

She doesn’t see my hand

So she stays


She stands alone in the moonlight

Tidal waves of emotions flood her soul as she steps back to the unseen edge

Wake up

The rain and thunder in her head start to fall silent

While the motherless child opens her eyes

New eyes under a full moon

Standing with her heart an open wound

I use my heart to bandage hers

I help her rise

Given new wings she takes flight

She kisses the souls of countless sunsets

While together we witness her first sunrise over an ocean of true possibilities

The kitten becomes a lioness

Fear has no place in her heart

As the motherless child becomes a mother herself

She walks alone in silence knowing she isn’t really alone



the edge