Quiet reflections of a soul long lost and forgotten She stared at me like a memory 

Cold and frozen in thought

A grimace rested on her face where once a beautiful smile gleefully rested

Finally she spoke

Soft and deliberate 

Aiming at my own reflective thoughts 

Pointing out all the parts of my life that made her unhappy 

Pointing out each flaw as if they were berries ripe for the picking

I sank deep into my chair 

My voice hollowing at the back of my throat as if my life was escaping from me

My soul was being drained of it’s mortal coil as I just sat there in disbelief that someone once professing they loved me could devour my heart with such malice 

My thought began to drift to a happier time


Next to the lake

The wind blowing through the trees




and now I’m sitting with the harpies watching them pick at the remains of what was and what would never be

Drifting I found myself walking away

I stopped to look at her one last time

Clearing my throat 

Making myself feel again 

I simply said “Fuck you. You were never worth this.”

and I walked out the door gathering my self respect as I morosely grabbed my hat

Flipping a final bird as I shut the door my feet hit pavement and I found what was lost