She's my best friend

She’s my best friend


As she sits across the table sipping her coffee in silence

I marvel at how beautiful she is

and how lucky I am 
just for knowing her
We often sit silently 
Sharing sweet smiles over light conversation 

Knowing that it took a lifetime of pain

to create these perfect moments 
We find in each other
Yeah, she’s my best friend

and I’m addicted to her smile
She’s the full moon settling on the horizon of my heart

Full of love and compassion
Even when I forget to do, well, whatever
The list is too long
She just smiles and shakes her head

Most of the time she laughs

Holding that little dog

That little dog sitting on my head
She’s my best friend

and as I sit across the table watching her

she takes my hand 
It’s then I know that everything is ok…

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