Love, fear, and karma…

I don’t need to hate people. I don’t need to wish them a bad life, or have any desire to wish any harm come to them. Karma catches up with people. It has with me, and it has with you. I have only love in my heart. Even the people everyone else tells me I should hate. Even if I don’t like them, I love them. 
Anyone who feels hate and anger are fearful. 
If you stop to think about it when you’re angry you’ll see that this is true. Fearful of being wrong, wronged, or a loss of control. 
The same goes for hate. What do you see of yourself in that person that makes you hate them? What could you do, or have done different?
You have, if you’re lucky eighty years. Why spend another day fearful?
Smile and love. Let karma work the rest out.