Suicide Prevention 

Robin Williams was one of my favorite people. His character in Dead Poets Society made me fall in love with literature on a whole new level. 
Most of my life I suffered from deep depression. Everyone who really knows me knows this. Even when I’m down now my closest friends, and my dearest loved ones worry about me. 
I live in a very dark place, in my mind.
But I don’t go dark the way I once did. In my life I’ve lived with depression, attempted suicide, been a cutter, and became horribly over weight. It was when I was lying on a concrete floor thinking about my children that my life really turned around. 
I hit rock bottom.
I know many of you are there too. Maybe it’s just emotional, maybe it’s spiritual, or maybe it’s financially. Maybe you feel worthless, or forgotten, lost or even hopeless. Maybe…
What if I told you that there is an answer? What if I told you that there was a way to see a brighter side? 
So many people are looking up when they should be looking inside.
All you need to wake up is to look deep inside of yourself, and find that spark that makes you shine. Don’t say it isn’t there. You know it is. No one else will look for it. No one else will find it. Only you.
Find it.
If you’re thinking about commuting suicide, or just need someone to talk to call 1 (800) 273-8255. Just don’t ask for me. I’m an asshole to talk to.
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