Live in it

I stand before you

My life naked to the world

The king of squandered potential

The leper you created to frighten yourself

Stories you tell to frighten small children

The same children you beat and rape

Hiding in the shadows of your mind

I live rent free 

Leaping out to the sounds of silence 

…but I have no time for that 

I’m working towards being the bigger man

A better man

Surpassing superstition 

I still never throw my hat on the bed

Why risk it?

Life isn’t hard

It’s easy

It’s supposed to be anyway

You’re looking over your shoulder for a boogeyman 

Afraid of the dark

Afraid of your own karma

While I walk hands holding mine on a beach at night

Just sat for the sunset

We had a drink together

The sun is rising

In the sky and in my soul

Reaching higher for answers

Watching that sun as it lifts my soul 

Watching your actions as you cast shade on everything you touch

Who’s the leper now?

Everything you touch turns to vile and shit

Maybe you should clean up your house before you look into my eyes

The windows to my soul 

The soul you seem to be missing

Playing the victim

Being a fool

It’s all good

The truth always surfaces 

Bullshit usually floats 

Floats in people’s minds

They know the truth

but they’re too busy playing the victim themselves to call you out on yours

They’ve dug their own hole in the belly of the Universe

A one way ticket to Hell

Even if it’s the hell you live in

Your head

Your mind

Never mind 

You lost that 

I’ve seen that

Deep inside there

and Christ, it’s a cluttered mess

No love lost

No love gained

I live in the rising sun

I only have room in my heart for love

Yeah, we’re all a cluttered mess inside 

Some of us try to clean it up

Not feed it

Love to you and love to those around you 

I won’t let this hate you bring touch me

Live in it