Rabbit Hole 

I gave you my two cents and you tossed me away 

Like a torn dollar bill

Even though my closed eyelids I see the fire dancing 

I’ve gone as far down the rabbit hole as I care to travel 

I’ve never thought of giving up

Never thought of leaving 

I’ve taken this too far

If word were arrows you’d stab me right in the fucking heart

I must be dreaming 

Taken for granted along a long highway of love

 Walking all over the world

Listening to the rain yelling I’m a fool 

Listening to the wind whisper that I can do anything if I put my mind to it

but I lost my mind

Long ago

Like torn holes in your favorite pants

I wear on you

It’s something to believe in

This love we share 

It’s something to believe in

Let’s just not take it for granted 

Cue the music DJ

Let’s dance to The Cure while we grove to The Clash but never take it for granted

Chase me

I’ll chase you 

The clock is chasing time away

Win or lose 

It’s all a game

An unread unwritten book

Let’s fill the pages with music about love and all that other bullshit

Is the price too much to pay?

Make a choice 

A life of meaning and fun

or a life of meaninglessness mundane repetitive bullshit 

It’s your call

Answer the godamed phone

Sometimes just gotta roll the dic 

Your only reservation is you think you’re down on your luck

You’re afraid of losing 

Wake up

I love you 

I guess this rabbit hole runs deeper still