I am lost

Every morning I wish upon a bright star that rests just above the horizon hanging above the mountains in the east

I see your face

Happy and dancing

The drums hitting hard like my dreams under the light of the candles and me kissing your lips

I waited too long for that kiss

As I make my wish I see the star dissipate and dividing into a thousand pieces falling to earth just like my dreams

Spreading their love over the brow of the mountains like early morning snow

I smile as my memories take me to the beach

The great Pacific Ocean making love to the Oregon Coast

Walking with you

Watching your smile

You told me you loved me as you took my hand

You seemed so shy when you said it

We both know that you aren’t that shy but we also know it’s the first time we discovered what love really is

What love was really about

What we were made for

Loving each other

Day quickly turns to night

Life quickly turns too dark

My life in your eyes lasts an eternity

Just like the setting sun rests it’s weary head on the soft shoulder of the ocean covered by a blanket of stars

I lay my head on your breast covered by the light of a thousand stars shining from your eyes

and I am lost…@tanisjustice