The rain falls softly once again outside my windows

The streets of Portland start to glow stained with oil and dirt

I look in amazement at the mantel above the fireplace

The photo of us on the coast holding hands

How I wish I could have found you earlier in life

How I wish I could have shown you the love all that time that we have now

That smile

You look so complete

I feel the same

Hour after hour

Every day with you a prayer never said but still answered

Like a summer dream

but the sun in that photo is set and I’m sitting here as the rain falls outside

The streets just quiet hours ago are now filled with bustling feet and traffic farther than the eye can see

The voices

The cars honking horns

and the rain starting to fall hard

I sit here with my coffee

Steaming and hot

Just like our memories on the coast

Now, your footsteps across the room

My heart has found it’s home…