Into your arms

I’m sitting alone in a coffee shop I’m surrounded by dozens of people but I’m alone You’re the only thing on my mind Only miles away It might as well be a lifetime away Your smile glows back at me from my cup Black coffee late at night Another sleepless night is all I need …

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The rain falls softly once again outside my windows The streets of Portland start to glow stained with oil and dirt I look in amazement at the mantel above the fireplace The photo of us on the coast holding hands How I wish I could have found you earlier in life How I wish I…

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My favorite shirt

On the edge of my bed she sits waiting for the sun to rise My favorite shirt hangs from her like a dress It’s the only thing she’s wearing I hear her singing “Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Rey under her breath “I will love you til the end of time…” As the morning light…

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