Fuck You

You’re soul has never been kissed by lips of angels

You dance alone in unwilling circles around no truth
Your mouth telling lies of forever that your heart doesn’t believe 
You give way to the destruction of your own world under such deadly stress
Fuck you, it isn’t my world you’ve brought to a halt 
No anger rests in me for you
I can’t hate what can’t affect me
You deserve a bed full of disgust and disease 
Don’t cry to me when the truth comes out
Fuck you, I made my bed and sleep like a baby
Two faces lying in pools of tears
Your hands delivering the fate of pain
Your eyes looking the other way while he hurts them
You denying those two faces Justice for a love built on lies and destruction 
Fuck you, you’ve built walls around yourself that will crumble when the horn sounds
Your soul trapped in it’s own turmoil is your fate
Why did I ever think you could help me
When you couldn’t help yourself 
Without sacrificing everything you said you loved
Go fuck yourself when you spiral out of control
Fuck you…