My Dearest

I think of all the women I’ve known. All the girls I’ve dreamed about, imagined, and longed for in such sophomoric fashion. Kissing hands not mine. Wasting hours wooing people not even caring I was trying to reach out to them. All of the tears I’ve lost, the hours spent waiting, and the heart wrenched days I’ve wondered what was wrong with me. Why couldn’t I find love? Why wouldn’t anyone truly love me? 

Then I met you. You reached out to me. You let me see that it wasn’t me. My heart was a round hole, and they were a square peg. Then you slowly placed your hand on my heart, and the hole was gone making it a whole heart. Not round or square, just gone. Healed by a warm smile, and caring eyes. Love flowing free through a bright blue sky like a kite hanging on the wind. 

I’ve been lost in your love ever since, 

and I don’t want to be found…