A Pale Sad Moon

Lost in a night sky as dark as the heart of Lucifer in the nightmares of children a bright moon sits as if hung from a string mocking me knowing that you are away from me tonight

Your memory lingering like the stars puncturing the night sky 

On my sheets your scent the memory of lost nights spent worshiping you in the form of flesh and lust

As the moon slowly falls from sight he cries reaching to be seen for just a moment longer

but as a child lost in the wilderness no one is listening to his cries

I long to feel your hair soft on my shoulder and your lips firmly pressed against mine

Holding you for an eternity that passes in too many fleeting moments

Like sand from a broken hourglass under my feet as I walk facing a dream from a slumber of sophomoric pleasure leading me true bliss in your arms and smile 

Your smile is the sun

and I fall to my knees begging for your light under a pale sad moon fading from the night sky